Media United is an exclusive online marketplace for the public and consumers to buy advertising spaces across available media platforms that include Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Television, and even Outdoor. We work to ensure guaranteed lowest quotes for your Ad requirements. The website helps you as a media provider or purchaser to self-serve and place advertising spaces that can be bought or sold by just a few mouse-clicks through any device, be it a computer or a mobile phone. We began as a need for start-ups and small businesses, event managers and promoters to access affordable advertising. Because of an exclusive arrangement with Black links United Kingdom at www.blacklinks.co.uk , the largest directory of UK black owned businesses and events, we were able cater to a captive audience of media buyers who our media providers wanted to supply to. Using the power and convenience of the Internet, Media United helps you pick, plan, purchase and launch your advertising campaign. Consider the flexibility of your “One Stop Shop”, multiple advertising options, with versatility of broadcast dates and taking advantage of a major business group buying power.

Advertising Options

Choose from over hundreds of advertising options ranging from buses to billboards to supermarkets to radio DJ’s to radio to newspaper to television and consumer satisfaction.

Targeted Advertising

Target your desired audience with the help of the media packs of our media providers with their various audience types.

Exclusive Advertising Revenue to Media Providers

We have exclusive rights to the growing database and sharing platform of black owned businesses and event managers and promoters and the consumer community across the UK via Black links United Kingdom at www.blacklinks.co.uk which started as just a business directory in 1999.