Media United DJs – Media United DJs

Media United is set to become the largest black owned media buying agency in the UK.

Radio DJ’s and Presenters Needed

Media United is set to become the largest black owned media buying agency in the UK.

Radio DJ’s and Presenters Needed

Radio DJ’s and Presenters are the voice of our community. We have 1000’s of customers who pay for you to play their ads during your show. Your audience is who they want to reach. We help sell your ads, provide competitions, giveaways, prizes, show sponsors, interviews and provide support. MU directs customers to purchase your Mentions, Adverts and Sponsorships.

You submit the answers below that creates your account. You receive an email and can login to customise your details and start selling your ads immediately. With no upfront cost.

“Get Paid While You Play”

Benefits for Radio DJ’s & Presenters

You can get help and support from a dedicated Accounts Manager who provides additional benefits from our Partners:

Black Links Business and Consumer Directory has thousands of businesses and organisations who want to use your services.


 Black Links Events – has promoters and event’s organisers who want to reach your audience.



Event Support 4 U– has clients who want Radio DJ advertising campaigns



We the United – welcomes you to join a network of community champions, role models, business leaders and entrepreneurs and the “Radio DJ’s and Presenter’s Union (RDPU)”

Other Media United Benefits include the following:


MU is your ready-made sales department managing your adverts, clients and paying you revenue into your nominated account
Affordable advertising starts with £10 Mentions
No upfront fee instead an admin fee of £250 pa is deducted from revenue in
DJ’s can promote their Mentions for births, marriages, passings, any short sound bites
Non-Radio DJ’s also earn from adverts
MU provides additional advertising revenue opportunities for DJ’s with Media Packages which combine media types
DJ’s can get additional revenue by providing Advert creation, Parties and Promotions, etc
DJ’s promote their “adverts for sale” to their audience and independently to the public, promoters, business owners and organisations
MU is a one-stop-shop for DJ’s and other media types
DJ’s decide their rates for their advertising products and services enabling them to be competitive
DJ’s have a “Radio DJ’s and Presenter’s Union (RDPU)” on .
DJ’s can register their DJ Name as a business via


Completing the Form below will enable your account to be created automatically.

Receive an email with your login details and customise your advertising products to your own preferences.


With your advertising products finalised you are immediately able to

“Get Paid While You Play”


Media United allows me for the 1st time in 15 years of being in marketing, promotions, and advertising to spend a tenner!!! on a RADIO MENTION, add a quarter page Advert and a SOCIAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN all for £200. I can change my add at will and it's all automated. It's BRILLIANT to get an affordable service which the big ad agencies would never entertain.

Mr Vibes Carntell Business Owner/ Promoter

Media United allows us to reach the Black Businesses and Community like no other provider. We sell space for Mentions, Adverts, and Sponsorships. You pick, plan and pay so we can broadcast to your audience, what you want them to hear.

Theresa D. Radio Station Manager