Radio DJ’s and Presenters

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Radio DJ’s and Presenters.

Radio DJ’s and Radio Presenters continue to remain a strong advertising medium offering a choice of local, regional and national coverage. The availability of radio on mobile devices such as smart phones with Internet connectivity gives advertisers access to a new mobile audience, as well as the traditional audience at home, at work or in cars.


DJ’s and Presenters target their listeners with the benefits of your Products and Services, Events, Competitions, Special Offers and Sponsorship Mentions. This is the most cost effective solution across all the advertising platforms  and means advertisers can target different audiences with their programming schedules. This enables advertisers to target special interest groups or different age groups with minimal waste.

DJ and Presenters


MENTION advertising is a low-cost medium compared with rates for reaching similar audiences by press or television advertising. Production costs are lower than those of other media. You can construct MENTION ads yourself. Some DJ’s and Presenters offer free or low-cost production services to advertisers.


MENTION advertisements reach an audience that trusts the DJ or Presenter for great information on Products and Services, Events, Competitions, Special Offers and Sponsorship deals. People listen to radio when they are getting ready in the morning, doing household chores or travelling, creating an advertising environment that other media cannot match

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